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Alphabetical Listing of Essential Macintosh Internet Applications

As of 11:17 am on June 12, 2024, there are 486 unique applications listed among the Orchard's many branches.

If the name of an application is on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't quite remember its exact name, here's a complete list of all 486 programs, in alphabetical order. A simple click will take you directly to the application you're interested in.

μTorrent (Sharing)
5PM Term (Classics: Terminal)
AbleFtp (File Transfer)
ACGI Dispatcher (Server)
Acquisition (Sharing)
Adium X (Chat & Talk)
Adobe Reader (Helpers)
AlmostVPN (Connectivity)
AmphetaDesk (Server)
AOL Instant Messenger (Chat & Talk)
Apple Broadband Tuner (Network)
A Remote Network Server (Classics: Server)
Atlantis (MUSH/MUD)
AutoShare (Classics: Server)
Avalonia MailRouter (Classics: Server)
Azureus (Vuze) (Sharing)
Balzac (Email)
Baton Mail (Classics: Server)
  also: Baton Mail (Classics: Email)
BB Client (Classics: Network)
Berkeley Packet Monitor (Network)
BinHex (Classics: Helpers)
BitTorrent (Sharing)
Blue Crab (Web Browsers)
BlueDragon (Server)
BroadWay VPN Client (Classics: Connectivity)
Camino (Web Browsers)
Captain FTP (File Transfer)
Carina (Older Protocols)
Carracho (Sharing)
Celview for Macintosh (Terminal)
Changes Meter (Web Browsers)
Chat (Classics: Chat & Talk)
  also: Chat (Classics: Server)
Chax (Chat & Talk)
Chicken of the VNC (Other)
Classilla (Classics: Web Browsers)
ClearPhone Pro (Classics: Chat & Talk)
ClickMail Central Directory (Classics: Server)
ColdFusion (Server)
Colloquy (Chat & Talk)
Combadge (Classics: Email)
Comet (Classics: Terminal)
CommFigure (Classics: Other)
CommuniGate Pro (Server)
Compact Pro (Classics: Helpers)
ConferenceRoom (Chat & Talk)
ContentBarrier (Web Browsers)
Conversation (Chat & Talk)
CrushFTP (Server)
CrushSync (File Transfer)
Cyberduck (File Transfer)
Cyndicate (RSS)
Daemon (Classics: Server)
DansGuardian (Server)
  also: DansGuardian (Web Browsers)
dataComet (Terminal)
dataComet-Secure (Terminal)
Daydreamer (Web Browsers)
Decoder (Helpers)
DigiChat (Chat & Talk)
  also: DigiChat (Server)
DigiTunnel (Connectivity)
Diiva (Usenet)
Direct Mail (Email)
Directory Widget (Email)
DivX (Helpers)
DNEWS (Server)
DNS Enabler (Server)
DNS Helper (Server)
DNS Lookup (Classics: Network)
DoorStop X Firewall (Network)
DropFTP (Classics: File Transfer)
DropIT (Other)
DynDNS Updater (Connectivity)
EarthBrowser (Other)
EasyServe (Classics: Server)
EasyShare (Sharing)
EasyTransfer (Classics: File Transfer)
Elektron (Server)
Email Merge (Email)
eMail Verifier (Email)
eMerge (Classics: Email)
Envoy (File Transfer)
Eudora (Email)
Eudora Internet Mail Server (Server)
Eudora Mailbox Cleaner (Email)
EvoCam (Server)
eXodus (Server)
ExpanDrive (File Transfer)
Fetch (File Transfer)
FileFone (Classics: Sharing)
FileZilla (File Transfer)
Finger (Classics: Network)
Fire (Chat & Talk)
Firefox (Web Browsers)
Firewall Builder (Network)
FirstClass (Server)
  also: FirstClass (Chat & Talk)
Fixation (Other)
Flash Player (Helpers)
Flip4Mac WMV (Helpers)
Flow (File Transfer)
Fluid (Web Browsers)
Flying Buttress (Network)
ForkLift (File Transfer)
Freenet (Sharing)
FreePPP (Classics: Connectivity)
FreeTP (Classics: File Transfer)
FrostWire (Sharing)
Fugu (File Transfer)
Gizmo5 (Chat & Talk)
GLterm (Terminal)
Goliath (File Transfer)
Google Chrome (Web Browsers)
Google Earth (Other)
Google Email Uploader (Email)
GopherSurfer (Older Protocols)
GrandReporter (Web Browsers)
GraphicConverter (Helpers)
GSFTP (File Transfer)
GURL Watcher (Web Browsers)
GyazMail (Email)
Hefty FTP (File Transfer)
HenWen (Network)
Hogwasher (Usenet)
Hostal (Network)
HTTP Scoop (Network)
iCab (Web Browsers)
ICAccessLogger (Classics: Other)
iCamMaster (Web Browsers)
ICMP Logger (Classics: Network)
ICQ (Chat & Talk)
Icy Juice (Chat & Talk)
iForm (Server)
iGetter (File Transfer)
iNet Stream Archiver (Other)
InOut Tracker (Other)
Intego Personal Antispam (Email)
Intel Indeo Video (Classics: Helpers)
IntelliMerge (Email)
Interaction (Server)
Interarchy (Network)
  also: Interarchy (File Transfer)
  also: Interarchy (Server)
InterGate (Connectivity)
InterMapper (Network)
Internet Config (Classics: Other)
InterNews (Classics: Usenet)
Investor/RT (Other)
IP Monitor (Network)
IPNetMonitor (Network)
IPNetRouter (Network)
IPNetSentry (Network)
IPNetShareX (Network)
IPNetTuner (Network)
IPSecuritas (Connectivity)
ircII (Chat & Talk)
Ircle (Chat & Talk)
IRCStep (Chat & Talk)
iSpQ VideoChat (Chat & Talk)
iSwipe (Sharing)
iSynch (File Transfer)
iTerm (Terminal)
iTools (Server)
iVisit (Chat & Talk)
iVPN (Server)
iXQ (Chat & Talk)
JabberFoX (Chat & Talk)
JollysFastVNC (Other)
JPEGView (Classics: Helpers)
JRun (Server)
Kerio Connect (Server)
LDapper (Email)
LFT and WhoB (Network)
LimeChat (Chat & Talk)
LimeWire (Sharing)
Linkinus (Chat & Talk)
ListSTAR (Classics: Server)
LiteSpeed Web Server (Server)
Little Snitch (Network)
lpdaemon (Classics: Server)
lpr (Classics: Other)
Lynx (Web Browsers)
Mac2Mac (Classics: Other)
MacBiff (Email)
MacBinary II (Classics: Helpers)
MacDICT (Other)
MacDNS (Classics: Server)
MacFIBS (Classics: Other)
MacGhostView (Helpers)
MacGopher (Older Protocols)
MacGzip (Classics: Helpers)
MachTen (Classics: Other)
MacHTTP (Classics: Server)
MacIrssi (Chat & Talk)
Macjordomo (Server)
MacLookat (Older Protocols)
MacLynx (Classics: Web Browsers)
MacNFSd (Classics: Server)
Mac OS Runtime for Java (Classics: Helpers)
Mac Ph (Classics: Network)
MacPing (Classics: Network)
MacPoET (Classics: Connectivity)
MacPPP (Classics: Connectivity)
MacRADIUS (Classics: Server)
MacRAR (Classics: Helpers)
MacSFTP (File Transfer)
MacSlurp (Classics: Usenet)
MacSniffer (Network)
MacSOUP (Usenet)
  also: MacSOUP (Email)
MacSSH (Classics: Terminal)
MacTar (Classics: Helpers)
MacTCP 2.0.6 updater (Classics: Connectivity)
MacTCP Ping (Classics: Network)
MacTCP Switcher (Classics: Connectivity)
MacTCP Tracer (Classics: Network)
MacTelnet (Terminal)
MacTFTP Client (File Transfer)
MacToPic Plus (Classics: Terminal)
MacTraceroute (Classics: Network)
MacVNC (Classics: Server)
MacWAIS (Older Protocols)
MacWeb (Classics: Web Browsers)
MacWise (Terminal)
MacZIP (Classics: Helpers)
Magellan Pro (Email)
MailBurst (Classics: Server)
Mail Drop (Classics: Email)
MailForge (Email)
Mail Forward (Email)
MailRetriever (Classics: Server)
MailServe (Server)
Mailsmith (Email)
Mail Stop (Classics: Email)
  also: Mail Stop (Classics: Server)
Mailtron Gateway (Server)
  also: Mailtron Gateway (Email)
Manila (Server)
Marconi (Classics: Usenet)
Maven (Classics: Chat & Talk)
MaxBulk Mailer (Email)
MaxNews (Usenet)
McPoker (Classics: Chat & Talk)
Meeting Maker (Chat & Talk)
Men & Mice Suite (Server)
Meteorologist (Other)
MI/X (Classics: Server)
Microsoft Entourage (Email)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Web Browsers)
Microsoft Messenger (Chat & Talk)
Microsoft Outlook (Email)
Microsoft Outlook Express (Classics: Usenet)
  also: Microsoft Outlook Express (Classics: Email)
Miro (Sharing)
  also: Miro (Helpers)
Mocha Mac TN5250 (Terminal)
Monica (File Transfer)
Mozilla (Email)
  also: Mozilla (Usenet)
  also: Mozilla (Web Browsers)
MP3 Sushi (Server)
MPack (Classics: Helpers)
MPlayer (Helpers)
MUDDweller (Classics: MUSH/MUD)
Muffin (Server)
  also: Muffin (Web Browsers)
Mulberry (Email)
MulleNewz (RSS)
Multi-Threaded NewsWatcher (Usenet)
MultiTerm Plus (Classics: Terminal)
namebench (Network)
Navigator Telnet Fix (Classics: Terminal)
NCSA Mosaic (Classics: Web Browsers)
NCSA Telnet (Classics: Terminal)
Nemo (Usenet)
Nessus (Network)
Net-Print (Classics: Other)
Net-SNMP (Network)
NET/Mac (Classics: Connectivity)
NetBarrier (Network)
NetBots (Classics: Network)
NetChronometer (Classics: Network)
NetFinder (File Transfer)
Net Monitor (Network)
NetNewsWire (RSS)
NetPresenz (Classics: Server)
Netscape (Email)
  also: Netscape (Usenet)
  also: Netscape (Web Browsers)
Netscape CoolTalk (Classics: Chat & Talk)
NetTen (Classics: Server)
Net Tool Box (Network)
Network Time (Classics: Network)
Network Toolbox (Classics: Network)
NewsFan (RSS)
NewsFire (RSS)
Newsflash (Usenet)
NewsLife (RSS)
NewsWatcher (Classics: Usenet)
NewsWatcher-UB (Usenet)
NewsWatcher-X (Usenet)
NFS Manager (Server)
NiftyTelnet (Classics: Terminal)
NiftyTelnet SSH (Classics: File Transfer)
  also: NiftyTelnet SSH (Classics: Terminal)
Nisus Email (Email)
NNTP Sucker (Classics: Usenet)
No-IP (Connectivity)
NoobProof (Network)
Norton Personal Firewall (Network)
ntop (Network)
Nuntius (Classics: Usenet)
O2M (Email)
Offline (Classics: Usenet)
  also: Offline (Classics: Email)
ohphoneX (Chat & Talk)
OmniWeb (Web Browsers)
Open Transport (Classics: Connectivity)
Open Transport PPP (Classics: Connectivity)
Open Transport Updater (Classics: Connectivity)
Opera (Email)
  also: Opera (Usenet)
  also: Opera (Web Browsers)
osXigen (File Transfer)
OTTool (Network)
P.O. Toolbox (Other)
PacerTerm (Classics: Terminal)
PacketStream (Network)
PageSucker (Web Browsers)
Pancake (Classics: Server)
Paparazzi! (Web Browsers)
Paros (Network)
  also: Paros (Server)
PDF Browser Plugin (Helpers)
Perian (Helpers)
PGP Desktop (Email)
PGPfone (Classics: Chat & Talk)
Phantom (Server)
PictureSnooper (Usenet)
PiePants (Connectivity)
PingReporter (Classics: Network)
Poisoned (Sharing)
Pop-Up Zapper (Web Browsers)
POPFile (Email)
POPmonitor (Email)
POPThing (Classics: Email)
PortReflector (Connectivity)
Post.Office (Server)
Postbox (Email)
  also: Postbox (Usenet)
PowerMail (Email)
PowerTerm InterConnect (Terminal)
PowerTicker (Other)
PPP Genie (Connectivity)
Privoxy (Web Browsers)
  also: Privoxy (Server)
Proteus (Chat & Talk)
Psi (Chat & Talk)
PureFTPd Manager (Server)
Purify (Email)
QuickConference (Chat & Talk)
QuickPopup (Chat & Talk)
QuickTime (Helpers)
Radiator (Server)
Radio UserLand (Server)
RAR (Helpers)
RBrowser (File Transfer)
RCDefaultApp (Helpers)
RealPlayer (Helpers)
Remote Desktop Connection (Other)
RumorMill (Server)
Rumpus (Server)
Safari (Web Browsers)
Saving Face (Classics: Helpers)
Savitar (MUSH/MUD)
Secure Shell Helper (Server)
ShadowBot (Classics: Server)
ShareWay IP Gateway (Sharing)
Sharity (Other)
Shiira (Web Browsers)
Shimo (Connectivity)
Shockwave Player (Helpers)
SHOUTcast (Server)
Shrook (RSS)
Simon (Web Browsers)
Simple PPP (Classics: Connectivity)
SiteCam (Classics: Server)
Skim (Helpers)
Skype (Chat & Talk)
Snak (Chat & Talk)
SnapMail (Email)
SnapperHead (Server)
SnapTalk (Chat & Talk)
SockeToome (Classics: Sharing)
SOCKS (Classics: Server)
Solscape (Other)
SonicPPP (Classics: Connectivity)
SpamAssassin (Email)
Spamfire (Email)
SpamSieve (Email)
SpamSweep (Email)
Sparkle (Classics: Helpers)
Spector (Other)
Speed Download (File Transfer)
SpeedManiac (Server)
  also: SpeedManiac (Web Browsers)
SSH Agent (Server)
Stalker Internet Mail Server (Classics: Server)
StuffIt Deluxe (Helpers)
StuffIt Expander (Helpers)
StUU (Classics: Helpers)
Subscriber (Web Browsers)
Suck It Down! (Web Browsers)
sunShield (Network)
Super Flexible File Synchronizer (File Transfer)
SurgeMail (Server)
Swirl (Classics: Chat & Talk)
Syslogd (Classics: Server)
Talk (Classics: Chat & Talk)
Tango Access (Connectivity)
TCPAxcess (Classics: Terminal)
TCPSerial (Classics: Connectivity)
TeleFinder (Classics: Server)
TFTP Server (Server)
The NATural (Server)
TheNews (Classics: Usenet)
Thoth (Usenet)
throttled (Network)
Throttled Pro (Network)
Thunderbird (Usenet)
  also: Thunderbird (Email)
tn3270 (Terminal)
TNEF's Enough (Email)
Tomcat (Server)
Tor (Web Browsers)
Transmission (Sharing)
Transmit (File Transfer)
Trebuchet Tk (MUSH/MUD)
Trillian (Chat & Talk)
TunnelMate (Connectivity)
TurboGopher (Older Protocols)
TurboGopher VR (Older Protocols)
Unison (Usenet)
UNIX Console (Terminal)
UnZip (Classics: Helpers)
uuUndo (Classics: Helpers)
VChat (Chat & Talk)
ViaHTTP (Classics: Web Browsers)
Vicomsoft DHCP Server (Classics: Server)
Vicomsoft FTP Client (File Transfer)
Vienna (RSS)
Vine Server (Server)
Vine Viewer (Other)
Viscosity (Connectivity)
VisualRoute (Network)
VLC media player (Helpers)
VNC Enterprise Edition (Other)
VoxOx (Chat & Talk)
VPN Tracker (Connectivity)
Vremya (Classics: Network)
WannaBe (Classics: Web Browsers)
WatchPort (Classics: Network)
WaterRoof (Network)
WeatherDock (Other)
WeatherMan (Other)
WeatherMenu (Other)
WebChecker (Classics: Web Browsers)
Web Confidential (Web Browsers)
Web Crossing (Chat & Talk)
  also: Web Crossing (Server)
Web Devil (Web Browsers)
WebDrive (File Transfer)
Web Dumper (Web Browsers)
WebEx (Chat & Talk)
WebGrabber (Web Browsers)
WebiToome (Classics: Server)
WebPrint Plus (Other)
WebSentinel (Web Browsers)
WebSiphon (Classics: Server)
WebTV Viewer Tool (Classics: Web Browsers)
WebWasher (Classics: Web Browsers)
Web Watcher (Web Browsers)
WebWhacker (Classics: Web Browsers)
WeirdX (Server)
WEP Key Maker (Network)
WhatRoute (Network)
Whistle Blower (Network)
Who's There? Firewall Advisor (Network)
Windows Media Player (Helpers)
Wx (Other)
X-Chat Aqua (Chat & Talk)
X11 for Mac OS X (Server)
XAMPP (Server)
XFree86 (Server)
Xirc (Chat & Talk)
XNap (Sharing)
Xnntp (Usenet)
XTen (Classics: Server)
Xtools (Server)
Yahoo! Messenger (Chat & Talk)
Yak Community Client (Chat & Talk)
yEnc TZ (Helpers)
Yet Another NewsWatcher (Classics: Usenet)
yiMac (Classics: Connectivity)
Yummy FTP (File Transfer)
Zeus Web Server (Server)
ZipIt (Helpers)
ZOC (Terminal)

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