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Current Version: 8.7 (December 13, 2007)

PeopleCube produces Meeting Maker, a cross-platform groupware calendaring product that supports Macs, Windows, DOS, Unix, and OS/2, and has concurrent support for TCP/IP and IPX, SMTP mail notification for non-users, data caching, and built-in proxy and resource capabilities.

Version 8.7 (available only to registered users) adds/changes the following:

  • Meeting Maker Re-Acceptance Preference - This new preference no longer forces Meeting Maker users to reaccept meetings if there are minor changes to the meeting (e.g., a guest list or agenda change). Meeting Maker still requires meeting reacceptance when major items change for a meeting (e.g., time, date, or location). Guests are not notified if the agenda, title, or guests change. Guests must always reaccept a meeting if the location or the meeting time changes. Meeting Maker is delivered with this feature disabled.
  • Server-Side User Restore - The serverside restore allows a Meeting Maker administrator to restore a deleted user's account through the Admin GUI.
  • Microsoft Vista Support - All clients and the Meeting Maker Admin have been tested and certified on the Vista platform.
  • Solaris 10 Support - The Meeting Maker server has been tested and certified on a Sun SPARC Solaris 10 platform. Solaris has not been tested on Fujitsu SPARC64 platform-based systems or x86 platform-based systems.
  • Guest using autoaccept should not send email notification.
  • Support for OS X horizontal scrolling.
  • Scrolling in banner area with mouse button causes wrong display.
  • MM client not working after changing SETUPCONTROL file.

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