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StuffIt Deluxe

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Commercial; $79.99

Current Version: 7.0.3 (April 9, 2003) / 8.0.2 (December 11, 2003) / 10.0.2 (March 10, 2006) / 14.0.1 (December 23, 2009)

Smith Micro Software, Inc. produces the ubiquitous StuffIt line of file compression products, including StuffIt Deluxe, which enables you to create StuffIt .SIT archives to reduce file sizes for quicker transmission over the Internet.

While version 14.0.1 is a maintenance release, version 14 - the latest release for Mac OS X 10.4 and later - adds/changes the following:

  • Easy file management - anytime, anywhere - Enjoy early access to StuffIt Connect, a new kind of file transfer and storage service. Securely store up to 2 GB worth of files and share them via email invitations to download your files.
  • StuffIt SmartSend - Take the guess work out of sending large files via email - simply select the files you want to send and choose "Stuff & Mail." Small files are automatically compressed and attached to a new email message, while larger items are uploaded to a secure website via StuffIt Connect, which allows you to download files from anywhere. Say goodbye to email bouncebacks.
  • Create Disk Images (DMG) - StuffIt Deluxe now creates disk image files (DMG) directly from MagicMenu. Simply select the files you want to add to a disk image, and choose 'Create Disk Image.'
  • Improved Compression - StuffIt Deluxe 2010's improved image compressor now compresses high-quality TIFF or PNG files, dramatically reducing the size of your images without compromising their visual quality.
  • Plug-in Support for Your Favorite Photo Applications - You can now access all the power of StuffIt directly from your favorite photo editing applications with included export plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture.

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