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Shareware; $20

Current Version: 0.9.9 (July 24, 2006)

From the Xirc home page: "Xirc for Mac OS X is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) application completely written in Cocoa / Objective C. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8 and later. With Xirc you are able to talk with other people in the world, and exchange files with them. Xirc supports Audio Chat, DCC transfer, proxy connections (HTTP, v4, v4a, v5) and secure connections (SSL v2,v3). It is fully customizable and scriptable via AppleScript or using the powerful 'C-like' internal scripting language."

Version 0.9.9 adds/changes the following:

  • This release fixes a variety of bugs and adds some new features.
  • The application now is Universal Binary and works on PPC and Intel.
  • The Network core has been completely rewrote to support IPv6 via CFNetwork framework.
  • Added channel encryption to talk on crypted channel using the most used MIRCCryption algorithm and the AES 128/192/256 bits.
  • Updated the growl and perl plugin to works correctly respectively on Panther and Tiger. The growl plugin supports Growl 0.5 and later.
  • Improvements to the AppleScript scripting with many new functions added a various fixes (thanks to Niteshade).
  • The DCC core has also been completely rewrote and now is more robust and requires less CPU.
  • Added a new Xirc function ($result) to returns for example the result of an AppleScript script within a Xirc script.
  • Fixed some issues in the preference panes.
  • Finally, two Automator action have been added.

Xirc operates as a fully functional trial for 30 days.

User Reviews

"[0.9.9 (212)] Will there be any more development to Xirc? I like the features that are there, such as the active chat feed for the channels open, as well as the ability to colourize your type. The scripts could be easier to use. It would be nice if the buddy list would auto set alphabetically and that the active buddy identifier would show if a buddy is on in the rooms user list. Also I think that Colloquy's "get info" of users and the Channel op controls are just pick and click, making it straightforward to use. If Xirc and Colloquy were combined that would be a great app. As it stands, if the development is not going forward or at all, who am I paying 24 dollars to and why? Final opinion - Xirc is worth the time/the money, [but] what else do you get for it ?."
—Victor Bentley, 4/9/2007

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