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Current Version: 1.5.1 (June 7, 2010)

One trend in weather-reporting applications for Mac OS X has been in the appearance of programs that display their information in the menubar or in the dock, rather than in dedicated windows. Meteorologist is one such application. Meteorologist is a simple, free interface to weather provided by, and the National Weather Service. The program provides the ability to show the weather in the main menu or the dock, each displaying more detail in a pop-up menu, whose contents are customizable from the preferences. You can also change several of the appearance settings for the dock, in addition to setting whether to display temperature data in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Version 1.5.1 addresses the following:

  • Fixed "Forecast Link".
  • Radar Image is now a hyperlink.
  • Fixed distance to allow global units.
  • German localization updates
  • Japanese localization updates
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed crash on 10.3 systems
  • Restored 9 day forecasts

One key way in which Meteorologist beats many of its competitors is in the number of cities whose current conditions you can highlight in the main portion of the menu (for comparisons at-a-glance): Meteorologist has no limits. Meteorologist also has some remarkable features that make this program one of the most smartly thought-out weather apps for the Mac platform, not the least of which is automatic notification of both software updates and current weather server issues. Such issues with these servers - which are not under the software author's control - have a long history of making weather programs work only sporadically. Meteorologist is capable of letting you know when these issues arise.

User Reviews

"[1.4.4] Have used for some time now and find it great and one of the easiest that I have tried and I have tried several....Would highly recommend."
—Gene Reed, 5/6/2007

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Download the Mac OS X (Cocoa / Universal) version (1.5.1).
Download the source code (1.5.1).

version 2.0a2 is available (6/6/2005) as is the source code. This second alpha release adds/changes the following:

  • Now refresh after waking up from sleep
  • Fixed Dock functionality
  • Added option to disable animation in menu bar
  • Fixed drawing of radar image and loading of menu icons for 10.2 implementations
  • Fixed menubar freezes with Loading icon
  • Fixed the Loading... animation it no longer stops too soon
  • Fixed the font/table for extended forecast items
  • Fixed operation
  • Make unit tested (especially searching)
  • Temperature is now displayed as High/Low
  • Can show dual C/F temperatures (at the same time)
  • Fixed conversion in "wind" forecast data
  • Significant digits after conversion
  • Added a new About... dialog
  • Got rid of annoying dialogs
  • Fixed a bug where the menu was not redrawn when the cities are reordered
  • Now displays an error message if no plugins are discovered
  • User selectable sounds on Automatic Update and Rotate
  • Fixed sf bug 1096204
  • Fixed sf bug 1096222
  • New option to show the next update time
  • Get timers now both reset on change

The accompanying "readme" file has more information.

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