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Commercial; $79.99

Current Version: 6.24 (July 7, 2010)

EmTec Innovative Software produces ZOC, a telnet client, secure shell client and terminal emulator that his highly configurable. Distinguishing features include:

  • Tabbed sessions
  • Overview screen to show thumbnails of all open sessions
  • "Colorful tabs" feature to tint user interface elements with different colors depending on which host is connected
  • Host directory (with full option set for each entry and automatic login)
  • User button bar to map texts, scripts, phone book entries, external protocols and shell commands to buttons (incl. button assistant)
  • F-Macro keys for texts, scripts, phone book entries, external shell commands, etc.
  • Local typing (entry field with history e.g. to type commands)
  • Completely remappable keyboard
  • Various logging and scroll back functions
  • Keyboard mode for bbs door programs (doorway mode)
  • Modem via serial port and TAPI (Windows modem)
  • ISDN via CAPI V2.0 (including X.25 and X.31 support)
  • Rlogin
  • File transfer via Ascii, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Kermit, SCP
  • Data trace on device level (user dump and binary mode)
  • Translation of inbound/outbound characters
  • AutoLogin (recorded login procedures from the host directory)
  • REXX language for scripting (fully featured programming language with over 75 extensions to control the terminal emulator)
  • AppleScript support with access to all internal script commands
  • AutoMacros (text/functions invoked by typing certain text)
  • AutoReplies (text/functions invoked by receiving certain text)

Emulations include:

  • Linux (Xterm) console-like (including UTF8, colors and full keyboard)
  • Xterm emulation with 256 colors and mouse support (e.g. for use with Midnight Commander)
  • VT52, VT100, VT102, VT220 (complete implementation incl. print through, keyboard and ANSI colors)
  • ANSI-BBS, ANSI-SCO, Avatar
  • TN3270 (models 3278 and 3279/E with line graphics, colors and full keyboard mapping)
  • TN5250
  • Sun-CDE
  • QNX V4
  • Wyse 30, 50, 60
  • TVI 9xx (TVI 920, TVI 925, TVI 950)
  • TTY
  • Full support for line graphics with any font

Version 6.24 adds/changes the following:

  • NEW: http and ftp urls can now be clicked to launch browser
  • NEW: new option to redirect print output to file (program settings, printer)
  • NEW: host directory now also remembers when multiple entries were selected
  • NEW: option (in program settings) to suppress the 'Copied to clipboard' message
  • NEW: various changes to allow a portable installation (Windows only)
  • NEW: Ctrl+a (Cmd+a on the Mac) selects all entries in the host directory
  • NEW: quick-select entries in host directory by typing the first letter (Mac OS X only)
  • NEW: option (program settings) for progams like vi/scree/mc/etc. to not write to scrollback
  • NEW: TVI emulation now supports switching between 80/132 character mode
  • CHG: telnet and SSH now store global options in a file in the Options folder
  • CHG: icon for folders in host directory now more system like (Mac OS X only)
  • CHG: now doesn't triple-beep after file transfer if no EOT sound file choosen
  • CHG: using gcc4.0 again in order to allow running on PPC G3 Macs (Mac OS X only)
  • CHG: dimmed colors for scrollback with black background now more prominent
  • CHG: now using crypto and ssl libraries from openssl-1.0.0a
  • CHG: xterm now accepts 256 color codes even if 256-color option is disabled
  • FIX: opening stream browser (alt+b) did hang on some machines
  • FIX: possible crash when switching pages in session profile
  • FIX: excess tn5250 key buffering (problem typing while system busy)
  • FIX: slight misbehavior in telnet (TTYPE negotiation, RFC1091)
  • FIX: cursor was lost when closing the local typing bar using Alt+C
  • FIX: erratic behavior when changing font for host directory (Windows only)
  • FIX: possible crash with malformed xterm control sequence
  • FIX: dropping files on the terminal window crashed (Windows only)
  • FIX: could not navigate folders in choose-file dialogs (Mac OS X only)
  • FIX: in scroll back could not mark text down to the last line
  • FIX: possible crash with text output
  • FIX: incorrect font sizes for some fonts (Windows only)
  • FIX: possible problem starting up Zmodem transfers with some hosts
  • FIX: communication for "Windows/Modem" was broken (Windows only)
  • FIX: two low probability crashes when closing a session or the app
  • FIX: host directory did not always open in the folder where it was closed
  • FIX: using 'Move To' in host directory did not work for whole folders
  • FIX: internal error when using 5250 emulation
  • FIX: problem pasting text which was copied in myEclipse (Mac OS X only)

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