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Yet Another NewsWatcher


Current Version: 3.1.8

Since John Norstad releases the source code to the free NewsWatcher program for people to change, there are three variants of the program that add many features. Back after a long retirement, YA-NW, as it is popularly known, is from one of the original authors of VA-NW, but it goes way beyond the original with a vastly different user interface, many more preferences, automatic FAQ retrieval, and hundreds of other small features too numerous to mention here. YA-NW is absolutely unparalleled in its feature set and customizability. It is, arguably, the finest Usenet newsreader available on any platform, and I personally have a hard time choosing between YA-NW and MT-NW. Note: Unfortunately, Brian Clark has ceased all development of YA-NW as well as its successor, Thoth, which took the YA-NW concept to whole new levels. However, the Orchard still makes YA-NW available for download because it such a wonderful program. Version 3.1.8 - the last version still available, and the last release that works on older Macs - made the following changes:

  • Child article windows are now closed when rebuilding a subject window.
  • Fixed a problem with the Group Settings menu item always being enabled, but only functional when a group or subject window was topmost. It's now always available, as is the Filter Groups command.

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No, I don't accept reviews anymore for these older applications. With the creation of this page in the Orchard's late 2005 redesign, I only accept reviews for currently-developed applications that work on Mac OS X (or later....whatever that might be!!).