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Current Version: 0.9 Public Beta

FileFone is another cross-platform sharing system from the authors of SockeToome (the same people who brought you Monica and HeftyFTP). FileFone is a "phone" for sending and receiving files over the Internet. It allows you to "ring up" another FileFone user by his IP address to send a file. FileFone features:

  • Works peer-to-peer with no central server of any kind
  • Has independent send and receive lines, allowing you to receive a file while sending one
  • Is extremely simple to set up and run
  • Allows you to accept or reject incoming transfers
  • Can receive files unattended
  • Maintains a list of favourite destinations
  • Has configurable text, allowing easy translation or customisation
  • Resumes broken transfers
  • Is available for Mac and PC and works between them
  • Allows extensive customisation of the user interface (skins)
  • Stores a retry list of any failed or rejected transfers
  • Has attractive built-in help facilities

In comparing FileFone to SockeToome, the authors have provided some helpful information:

  • FileFone is much simpler. You have to know the remote user's IP, and there is no mechanism for permanently handling dynamic IPs as there is in SockeToome. We wanted to make a simpler product as some people have problems understanding the IP posting concept used in SockeToome for dynamic IPs.
  • FileFone is also simpler in that it does not queue files (though it will store up to 10 failed transmissions). The user therefore does not need to go through the complications of setting up user access.
  • FileFone also has an easy method for rejecting incoming transmissions - something that was requested a few times.
  • FileFone has many features for changing its appearance and language.
  • SockeToome is for someone who needs queuing, multiple simultaneous connections, the ability to deal with dynamic IPs by the technique of IP posting, etc. We consider SockeToome a more powerful tool than FileFone - for the "power user" perhaps.

FileFone is available for both Macs and PCs, and it is shareware, priced at $20 for a single user license. An introductory special Correspondent offer buys two licenses for $30, allowing you to set up a friend with FileFone at a substantial discount.


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