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Shareware; $20

Current Version: 2.1.2 (July 2, 2007)

Daydreamer is a useful Webcam application that allows you to continuously display pictures stored at a particular web address and track them for updates.

Daydreamer author Donald E. Carlile puts it best: "Perhaps you want to keep track of the weather or freeway conditions. Or maybe you just like satellite pictures. There are many changing pictures that are pointed to by unchanging URLs on the Internet. Of course, you can use a web browser to view the pictures, but it's a pain to keep refreshing the picture, and it's overkill to use a big footprint web browser to view a little picture. That's where Daydreamer comes in. Daydreamer will display a picture pointed to by a URL and update it as often as you like. Daydreamer will handle several pictures at once. What's more, you can have Daydreamer make time lapse movies of the URL picture, adding a new frame to a movie each time the picture is refreshed. Daydreamer is AppleScript-able, which adds to its versatility. With sample scripts provided with the distribution, you can view slide shows of picture folders on your computer, or even make those slide shows into QuickTime movies."

Daydreamer 2.1.2 adds/changes the following:

  • Greatly improves memory performance.

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