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Current Version: 20060520 (May 22, 2006)

Carina is an application written in C++ for viewing various 3D graphic file formats. While focusing on the xVRML file format, Carina also supports the X3D and VRML97 formats. Since Carina is still in development, a list of the currently supported parts of the formats is available at the web site.

Mostly for viewing files, it also contains some debug support to help people creating xVRML content. Carina can save any file it can open as xVRML. Carina is available as a binary download for Windows and OS X, and as source code for Linux. Carina is free and open-source software released under the GPL.

(xVRML is an XML-based virtual reality language. Classroom testing has shown that new users who are already familiar with HTML code can become proficient in xVRML with just a few weeks of study and practice. Documentation and example files for xVRML can be found at

Version 20060520 adds/changes the following:

  • New VRML97/X3D Classic parser
  • Saving files saves all inlines and images into separate directory
  • Compressed files loaded with transformations (like X3D) no longer need a separate decompression stage (faster)
  • Ability for users to add XML transformations (XSLT) to import other file formats
  • Update to Qt 4.1.2
  • Added a bookmark manager
  • Main window and bookmark manager window save window positions and sizes
  • Better handling of international characters in filenames
  • Linux: Switch back to autotools build system
  • Linux: Return of command line conversion utility
  • Linux: Command line conversion utility now supports inlines, images, and remote files
  • Mac: Universal binary (Runs on both older PPC based Macs and newer Intel based ones)
  • Bugfix: Saving of empty node names fixed
  • Bugfix: Saving of Viewpoints now adds name if none supplied on VRML import

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