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Shareware; €19.99

Current Version: 2.1.2 (January 22, 2010)

Linkinus is an advanced IRC client for Mac OS X whose main draw is a clean, modern interface that is simple to use. Features include:

  • Complete OS X integration and Aqua look-and-feel
  • Interface/Agent architecture (allows detaching)
  • Rules defining specific IRC behavior
  • Dynamic content display with Styles
  • Cross-session history capabilities
  • Automated flood protection
  • Aliases, Shortcuts, Highlights
  • Cocoa Plug-ins, AppleScripts, and more.

While other Mac IRC clients may be:

  • Inelegant and clunky, lacking many of the amenities of other Mac OS X apps (visual preferences, for instance)
  • Very buggy
  • Lacking a GUI
  • So customizable that they just fall apart

. . . Linkinus aims to be none of these things, which is a worthy goal.

Linkinus 2.1.2 adds/changes the following:

  • Performance improvements
  • Network picker, channel list and ban list now offer both icon and list view styles

User Reviews

"I just switched from X-Chat Aqua to Linkinus and I'm sold :-) This app is awesome! It's a killer app."
—Wim De Smet

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