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Current Version: Client: 1.0b10r4 (August 3, 2004) / Server: 1.0b13 (September 24, 2004) / Tracker: 1.1.1 / Tracker X: 1.0

Carracho is very similar to the commercial Hotline series of products - an Internet/intranet, client/server system for chatting, electronic conferencing, and file transferral - all in one app. Once connected to a Carracho server, you can chat, send messages, and transfer files with other users. The latest versions are "Carbonized" to run natively in OS 9 and OS X.

Release notes are available online.

User Reviews

"Carracho is what Hotline *should* be now. Unlike Hotline, you can have more than one connection open from within the same client, which means that you don't have to have multiple copies of the application running at the same time. The user interface seems a little more friendly, albeit not as "slick" as the HL interface for their current client. The one feature that it lacks in, is intuitive usage for the first time user. While you can navigate through connections via the menubar (a la Apple Menu nested folders for each live connection), I couldn't find an easy way to do this using simple buttons on the floating window. As for the Carracho community, it is by far friendlier than the Hotline one. Glancing at the list of servers, there are few, if any, pornography servers, and a lot of them are aimed at general interest, and less at illegal activities. (Of course, this could be because I didn't have any "warez" trackers in my tracker list). Talking to some of the admins on Carracho servers, they seem a friendlier bunch, and aren't as bent on capitalizing on their users as Hotline admins are, forcing users to go through a Web Page -> Banner -> Click process to obtain "logins" and "passwords". As an added plus, the Server list lists connection speeds, so you know which servers to avoid. (Speeds are listed in terms of 56k, DSL, Cable and T1. 28K or T3 listings may be available, but I've never seen any). In all Carracho will be a fine suite of servers for the person who is sick of the mess that Hotline has become."
—Patrick M. Pritchard

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