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Web Devil

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Shareware; $34.95

Current Version: 6.5 (June 20, 2007)

Web Devil, like Web Retriever, below, works with your web browser to enable you to save a Web page--graphics and all--in one fell swoop rather than saving the HTML and each image separately. Very useful!

Version 6.0 was a major rewrite of the software for Mac OS X; version 6.5 adds/changes the following:

  • [Feature] Allow specifying the user agent string for each Web Devil document.
  • [Feature] Added (limited) support for handling CSS.
  • [Feature] Added support for adding source URLs as Finder/Spotlight comments on downloaded files.
  • [Feature] Added ability to put the source URLs into the downloaded files' Finder/Spotlight comments.

User Reviews

"My [money] is in the mail for this shareware gem, a brilliant implementation of the old WebWhacker idea. Where the commercial product WebWhacker 1.0 failed (all files downloaded into the same folder) and 2.0 completely blew it (all files also completely renamed!), Web Devil does it. Small, sweet, and perfect "whacking" of Web sites with all files properly named and directory-sorted. Voila . . . the entire site downloaded to your local hard drive. You can practically hear the files being sucked across the wires!"
—Alex Anespy

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