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Current Version: 0.4.3 (May 23 ,2006)

Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of entire web pages without the need to scroll and take multiple screenshots that need to be pasted together. This is especially useful for web developers and for artists who need to create graphical representations of web pages when a printed version of a web page won't do.

Version 0.4.3 adds/changes the following:

  • Paparazzi! is now a Universal binary! Woohoo!
  • Disabled the disk cache completely, as we always want the most recent copy of the page.

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Download the Mac OS X 10.3+ (Cocoa / Universal) version.

0.5 beta 6 is now available (January 25, 2009), adding/changing the following:

  • Printing! Woo!
  • Saving a thumbnail icon now saves a full array of 32-bit icon sizes (128px, 48px, 32px, and 16px).
  • Added "(like Safari)" to the user-agent string for those silly sites that check for "Safari" instead of "WebKit".
  • Added an informational dialog about version checking, for those paranoid LittleSnitch users.
  • Controls on the captured page will now appear in their "active" state (as they should).
  • You can now access the WebView directly by choosing "Interact with Web View" (shift-command-V) or clicking the "pointing hand" button on the main window. You can resize the web view, but you can't scroll, as allowing scrolling either screws up redraw or makes the capture size wonky. The WebView sheet will disappear when you navigate elsewhere (or press escape, or choose "Interact with Web View" again, or press command-W), since this was mainly added to allow people to capture pages behind a login/password.
  • Paparazzi! now uses an iTunes/iLife like window design. You might not like it. That's okay.
  • Basic metadata for TIFF, PDF, and JPEG file formats, via ImageIO hotness (10.4+ only). Keywords pulled from <meta name="keywords" />, etc.
  • Basic metadata for PNG files.
  • Import of Address Book contacts' URLs and discovery of Bonjour URLs.
  • Import of Firefox bookmarks.
  • Support for internationalized domain names.
  • "Infinite" item in crop menu, to save a few clicks and/or keystrokes.
  • Ability to name size presets (suggested by Mike Cosentino).
  • AppleScript enhancements.
  • "Close All" menu item, with keyboard shortcut command-option-W.
  • The image view now drags promised files, so you can drag the image directly to iPhoto, the Finder, etc. This saves as TIFF, for now.
  • The image view now allows drags while in the background without bringing the window to the front.
  • The update check now also sends the architecture (ppc or i386) for my curiosity's consumption!
  • Growl integration for a few things (see the Growl prefpane after launching Paparazzi! for a list).
  • Automator actions for capturing, saving, copying, and batch capturing.
  • "Add to Batch" system service (found under Services | Paparazzi!).
  • Plugin (e.g., Flash) capture works on 10.4+! Though the plugin images still don't save when saving as PDF.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur if you had your max history count set to zero.
  • Fixed incorrect changing of font in the "Preview:" label on first capture.
  • Capture of many framesets now works much better. For example, capturing or a reference page with TOC on will capture the full page (except when using too-small min-widths). This only works under 10.3.9 or later because that version of the Mac OS included new WebKit methods to determine the kind of frame a child frame is (frame, iframe, or object).
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to capture certain sites with additional script-loaded content (e.g., eBay) would cause loading to appear to stall indefinitely.
  • Improved capture of framesets with meta-redirecting subframes.
  • Made -makeKeyAndOrderFront: on the invisible capture window a no-op, for some sites whose JavaScript likes to focus the main window.
  • Forced JavaScript on. The WebKit DOM methods don't work if it's off. :(
  • Fixed an issue that would cause future URLs to not load, with a "nil string" error logged to the system console.
  • The image view now uses low-quality anti-aliasing during window resize, to make resizes smooooooove (a la Preview).
  • Moved the update check into applicationDidFinishLaunching: so it would come after the new informational dialog.
  • Update checking is now asynchronous.
  • The user defaults keys WebMaxWidth and WebMaxHeight have been replaced by WebCropWidth and WebCropHeight, which is more in tune with what they are called in the UI (and other places). Paparazzi! will look for the old keys on startup and use their associated values for the new keys (and then delete the old keys, once). If both exist, the new keys take precedence.
  • Worked around an error when adding URLs to the batch window via AppleScript.
  • Got rid of the token field for filename formatting. Leopard likes to collapse spaces in them.
  • Allow scrolling and show the resize indicator in the "Interact with Web View" sheet under Leopard, since the various redraw/update issues appear to be fixed.
  • Hopefully fixed crashing when the version-check hits a redirect.
  • Fixed crash-on-launch under Leopard. The issues were full of fail on my part. Sorry.
  • Paparazzi! uses OS X's built-in textured windows under Leopard.

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