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Current Version: 0.9.5

From the MacLookat home page: "MacLookat is a VRML 97 viewer for the Mac OS by Michael Louka. It can be used to view, and interact with, 3D objects and virtual worlds defined using the VRML file format. It supports most of the ISO VRML97 standard, including almost complete support for the JavaScript scripting interface and is therefore capable of displaying most interactive, animated, VRML content." MacLookat requires a PowerPC with Mac OS 8.1 or later and Apple OpenGL (InternetConfig 2.x is required for Mac OS 8.1). Version 0.9.5 addresses the following:

  • Uses latest OpenVRML 0.10.0 library
  • Removed dependency on DriverServicesLib (which requires a PCI Mac)
  • Increased default window size at startup so it now fits nicely on the screen if the screen resolution is set to 640x480.

Download the Power Mac version.

Version 0.96a is now available. This version is linked with a modified version of Apple's latest OpenGL GLUT 3.7 implementation. GLUT 3.7 should give more stable OpenGL support than the older version, but there are still a couple of minor bugs that the author needs to iron out before he can say that it is OK (the main problem/quirk is with focus when a user opens a VRML file from the Finder, as MacLookat 0.9.6a doesn't come to the front and needs to be clicked on for it to 'wake up' after the user has double-clicked on a VRML file).

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