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Classic Applications

Netscape CoolTalk

Current Version: 1.5

CoolTalk is an old (1996) Internet telephone and workgroup collaboration tool used in combination with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later that provides "high-quality" audio conferencing, a full-featured whiteboard, and text-based communications. CoolTalk for Macintosh was developed by Apple Computer, and requires that you have a PowerMac running System 7.5 Update 2.0, OpenTransport 1.1.1 beta and have QuickTime 2.5 or later installed. These components are available from Apple.

User Reviews

"CoolTalk 1.5 for the Mac lacks many features of its Windows-based counterpart. In many respects, it's more a beta than a true release. Most notably, it lacks the Watchdog daemon that allows you to receive calls, at anytime, without having CoolTalk running in the background. This is a major oversight that prevents CoolTalk 1.5 from being truly useful. It also lacks the answering machine feature that allows you to autoreply to chat requests that you cannot answer. Don't bother to install it. Wait for version 2.0 and hope it's a complete product."
—Troy Janisch

"CoolTalk is a great way to keep in touch with some one. It works like a regular phone...most of the time. I live in Virginia, and I call my brother in South Carolina on a regular basis. He has a Windows 95 version (poor fellow) and I use a Power Mac version. Apple recommends you use MacPPP 2.5.1, not OT/PPP. I use OT/PPP 1.0 and I have not [had] trouble with it at all. In the beginning, you and your caller will have to play around with the controls and configure something that will work the best for you. My brother and I call each other directly. We never log onto the 411 server. It just slows things down. To call direct, you just email your partner the IP number. They use it like a phone number. The sound quality is fairly good. If the Internet has high traffic, I find that the sound quality fluctuates."
—Bob Storey


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