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Current Version: 0.5

An extremely simple, OpenTransport-based freeware web server program. Version 0.5 makes the resource containing MIME types more accessible to ResEdit junkies.

User Reviews

"Um . . . it's easy. Actually, there's very little to it; just tell it your WWW folder and it will only access that folder. It won't follow aliases out of that folder--it will stay there. It's pretty quick and runs in the background nicely. Granted, I didn't use it to run a site the size of Apple's on it, but it worked nicely serving my personal pages off a 28.8 connection on a 7200/90. It's a lot easier to set up than NetPresenz, but it lacks [some things], especially CGI capability. But that's fine; it works nicely for personal servers."
—Darren Montjar

"It is very easy to use, but painfully slow starting up on a IIcx. I've only used it once, but it served my purpose for the afternoon. The other serves I have tried, including Web Server 4D, seem to run faster."
—David Roberts

"I needed a leightweight, fast, easy web server for sharing files over an heterogenous network. I downloaded EasyServe and less than ONE minute after, the web server was running. It is simple, does just one thing, and that is why it is so useful."
—Androse Rosewood


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No, I don't accept reviews anymore for these older applications. With the creation of this page in the Orchard's late 2005 redesign, I only accept reviews for currently-developed applications that work on Mac OS X (or later....whatever that might be!!).