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Current Version: 2.0.2

NOTE: The functionality of this program has been directly incorporated into OS 9.0 and later via the "Internet" control panel. You will not require it for OS 9 or later.

From the Info-Mac abstract file: Internet Config is a system for storing Internet related preferences in a shared database that can be accessed by Internet Config aware applications, such as NewsWatcher and Anarchie 1.6. InternetConfig makes your life easier by reducing the number of times which you need to enter your Internet preferences into the various "preferences" windows of all your Internet applications.

Note: This package also includes the latest version of the ICeTEe system extension that allows command-clicking of URLs in many programs, including Eudora. Version 2.0.2 addresses the following issues, among other things:

  • Bug fixes to support Internet control panel.
  • Changes in the IC file mapping database to favour MoviePlayer and PictureViewer.
  • A number of fixes in the SpaceAliens sample code.
  • Sorted out niggly details in the documentation.

User Reviews

"Butchering some terminology from Douglas Adams' "Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy", Internet Config is the most fabulously useful thing an Internet surfer can carry. It allows you to set your internet preferences once and forget them (well, keep them written down somewhere but don't WORRY about them)."
—Scott Thompson

"The number of programs that can use Internet Config is outstanding! It helps a lot when you don't have to set up every single application with your name, email address, PO server, favorite web page, etc. etc. etc. Plus, ICeTEe kicks a**!! Being able to command-click on any URL from any application is very useful."
—Khalid Shakir


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